WATERGENICS Inc. is a Canadian-based private company with a patent-pending Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator (HAWGen), an atmospheric water generation technology invented in the Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion at Simon Fraser University (Surrey, British Columbia). The Company is positioned to introduce the next generation of atmospheric water generation technology and products in both custom-engineered systems and proprietary standard off-the-shelf solutions.

Global Water Crisis

Over the 20th century and into the 21st century, the global population has increased 300%, while water consumption has increased by 600%. 

According to the United Nations, some 48 countries will be experiencing water scarcity and/or stress by 2025.    As it is today, there are regions of the world that are experiencing significantly water shortages, and this includes both developed and developing nations.

To avert the looming water crisis, certain measures including but not limited to water conservation, reducing pollutants entering the water system, upgrading current infrastructure, and improving fresh water generation technologies need to be taken.

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Our Solution

The HAWGen Technology was invented in the Laboratory of Alternative Energy Conversions (LAEC) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Surrey, British Columbia campus by Professor Majid Bahrami and Farshid Bagheri.

The system relies on the novel integration of: (i) an advanced sorption unit; (ii) refrigeration technology; and (iii) a water filtration system.

The integration of adsorption and refrigeration technology leads to significant increase in both the efficiency and  water generation rate (up to 500% increase in generation rate when compared to the existing conventional Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) unit) as well as enabling the HAWGen for harvesting atmospheric water in areas, such as deserts (hot and dry climates), where conventional AWG is unable to produce any water.

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